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Life Brought to a Dull Wedding

Weddings can be a lot of fun. They can be exciting times to celebrate with friends and family. Even the guests can enjoy themselves with the celebration. But sometimes a wedding can fall short of its expectations. Sometimes you just want it to be over or even wish you weren't invited or didn't come. Here's a few helpful tips to make every wedding a fun one.

Don't fill up on the meal. Let's face the facts. Most of the time it is decent at best.

The real prize is in the cake. Of course you shouldn't go too long without food before you have the cake. You don't want to get sick or anything from it. You don't want to eat too much of the meal either and ruin your taste buds.

A reasonable one third to a half is a good amount. Look for the funniest person at the table. They will be your best friend for a while. They will be your hope for living.

Introduce yourself to them quickly, and if an empty seat opens up next to them at any point, take it. You won't regret it. If you are the funniest person at the table, you have two choices. Either find the person that laughs the most and become friends with them, or find a new table to sit at. You will need all the positive company you can.

Make well use of that camera they provide you with. Make it memorable for you and the lucky couple. Don't waste your time listening to dull stories told by family members or boring toasts that are even sappier than the greeting cards at the store. Even if it's not you that's keeping the funny pictures, you will have the memories forever as the topic of them probably will linger for months if not years to come. Avoid the dance floor.

You don't want some old lady or bad dancer luring you into a trap. It will happen if you are not careful. Find all possible routes to the bathroom and exit other than by the dance floor. Don't drink too much.

You'll already be regretting that you went. You don't need other things to regret. You will want to remember every thing that happens, especially all the stupid things other people do. It is best to take notes, so bring a piece of paper and a pen. Don't be afraid to leave early. It's your life.

It's not like you are getting paid for this. If it gets too tough, just leave. You can find a lot better things to do. Who cares if you leave your friends, family, significant other or freshly married spouse. Life's too short.

Hopefully these tips make the next wedding you go to that much better. And if they don't, then you didn't hear them from me. .

By: Jake Rose


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