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Polite Tips of Getting Rid of a Bible Thumper

Have you ever had someone come to your door and want to share their religion to you; sounds really nice doesn't it? Indeed, they love their religion and their rendition of their God so much that they are willing to share their psychotic state of bliss with you and your family. Isn't that just grand? Well then how do you get rid of them?.Should you be polite? No, actually if you really want to get rid of them you need to show a little hostility. That is so unfortunate, as normally you would never treat anyone that way. But if you want to get rid of them you must be forceful or they just keep coming back again and again. But you must be semi-polite and say;.

"I really wish you folks would stop harassing me, I have my own relationship with Jesus Christ and I am very happy and so could you please leave me alone?".Next, point to your neighbors who you like and tell them you have;."Discussed this harassment with the Smith's, the Jones' and they also feel as I do.".And if you have neighbors you cannot stand tell the Bible Thumper pushy SOBs that;."Over there at that house the husband is an alcoholic and they are atheists and really need to find God and if you could help them get thru their problems you would certainly be doing God's work.

I would really appreciate it if you could help them thru their family and life crisis, thank you so much in advance and please do not give up on them, we must help them, God would want us too!".This type of method has always worked for me to get rid of these bible thumpers. If you tell them you do not believe in a God or Gods or that you are an atheist or like religions which do sacrifices or are a devil worshiper, you might think this will work, but some of these nut cases will believe you and make you their personal challenge and you will never get rid of them. Consider this in 2006.

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Polite Tips of Getting Rid of a Bible Thumper

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